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    New Website Common Questions Answered!

    With two weeks under our belt with our new and improved website, we thought it would be a good idea to answer the most common questions we have had so far from our Registered Dealers.

    Q: Why is my old login or password not working?
    A: There could be one of two reasons why your old password may not be working.  First, all logins and passwords are case sensitive, so please enter those in accordingly.  Secondly, if you changed your password on our old site during our transition time (January to March) we may or may not have brought that most recent password over to the new site.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Q: How do I create a new password?
    A: Please go to “Log In” and press the “Forgot your login or password? Click Here.”  Type in the e-mail address associated with your account and a reset password link will be sent to that e-mail.  Or you may call in and we can manually reset it to a default password.  Once you log in, go to “My Account” located by the “Sign Out” button that will take you to your account information.  Click on “Edit My Account” to edit contact, address and password information.

    Q: How do I view my order status/tracking?
    A: Please Log In and go to “My Account” next to your company name and the “Sign Out” button.  Once on the “My Account” page you can view your order status by clicking on “Complete Order Tracking”.  You will have the ability to search by our invoice number if you are looking for a particular job.

    Q: What is “Online Order History?”
    A: “Online Order History” is where you can view orders you have placed online with us.  You have the option to “Reorder” any of these online orders through our online order system again.  Unfortunately, we were unable to bring over that order history from the old site, we apologize for any inconveniences.

    Q: Do I have to have a proof for an online order?
    A: No, you are not required to have a proof for an online order to be complete.  We wanted to give you proofing options on each product we offer based on your needs.  You will always have the option of “No Proof” when ordering online.  If you do choose to have a proof, please note, all proofs take 2 business days to generate because we are taking the steps to insure that your artwork is ready to go to print.  And as always, turnaround time begins once proof approval is received.

    Q: I want a quantity not listed on the website, how do I order that quantity?
    A: Our online ordering system was designed based off of our “America’s Source for Labels and Stickers” catalog.  All shapes, sizes, pricing and quantities come straight from our published catalog.  For the time being, we are only offering quantities available from the catalog.  If you require a quantity not listed, please e-mail or fax in your order so that a Customer Service Rep can get back to you with the correct pricing.  Please note, the pricing per 1,000(M) remains at the lower quantity per (M) pricing until you reach the next price break, as published.  It may be worth ordering at the next higher published quantity if you have a quantity that falls in between.

    Q: I have credit terms already established, why can’t I be invoiced on my online order?
    A: We are in the process of going through our accounts and marking those that have credit terms on file and those that do not.  Please call and we will be able to set your online account with terms if you have terms on file with us.  If you are in the middle of placing a job and we have updated your online account please do the following: Go back to your shopping cart, hit “Save Changes” then hit “Check Out”, check your billing information and then check the box that says, “Please Invoice My Account” and your account will now be invoiced.

    Q: Why do I have to enter in my credit card information each time I place an order?
    A: For the present time we have chosen the option not to store your credit card information for online orders.  As we become more familiar with our service providers we may decide to turn this feature on in the future.  We do have the option for setting up credit terms, to apply click for Palm Springs or Kent.

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