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What types of labels can you produce?

We have the capability to print one to eight spot color labels, 4-Color Process labels on a wide range of standard and specialty materials. We also produce specialty labels that we do not offer in our catalog, so please contact us to see how StickerMan can help you with your label project.

I need back liner printing, can StickerMan produce that?

Yes, we can produce labels with back liner printing, with the exception of Static Cling material. Please log in and fill out our custom quote form and we’ll have a quote over to you shortly.

Do you print magnets?

We have a material that acts much like a magnet. It is a removable adhesive that doesn’t leave a residue behind on the surface it is placed on. It will even stick to stainless steel! We offer this material on a custom basis, so please contact us for test samples or fill out our custom quote form.

Do you print oil change decals?

Yes, we have a whole page in our catalog dedicated to Static Cling Labels and Service Decals. We offer four materials for you to choose from; adhesive free White and Semi-Clear Static Cling, and residue free material, White or Clear Ultra Removable Film. Contact us today for your free test samples.

Do you have shapes and sizes outside of your catalog?

Yes, between locations our in-house die inventory has grown to over 2,000. We only offer 250 different sizes and shapes in our catalog, so please don’t hesitate to ask if we have a specific size. Also, visit our Templates section to see our list of custom dies and check back frequently, we are always updating our list. We also offer the option of ordering a new die to fit your project, please inquire.

What is your typical turnaround time?

In our catalog, we offer products as fast as 48 hours up to five days. Turnaround time on custom orders vary and are based on material availability, the quantity of the order and other special instructions. Turnaround time is located on your quote in the upper right hand corner in the box titled, “Production Business Days In House.”

Product Questions

What type of Tamper Evident Label should I use?

We offer three different materials in our Tamper Evident section in our catalog.
-Tamper Evident Paper is great for retail applications, from the price tag to the discount label to securing the seal of a pastry box. The label can be removed, but it cannot be reapplied to another product or surface.
-White Destructible Vinyl is a more durable indoor use material for higher value items, such as computers and electronics. The label will start to fragment or peel off if tampered with.
-VOID Polyester comes in either White or Silver and is the top of line security label solution. Once anchored properly to the surface it will leave behind a “VOID” pattern on the surface it was applied to.

How long does Static Cling material last?

We say that our Semi-Clear and White Static Cling materials will last about 2 months depending on the application and environment the label may last longer or shorter. For a more aggressive residue free material, try our Clear or White Ultra Removable Film which has up to a 6 month application life, depending on the application and environment.

I need a clear material that will last longer than Static Cling, do you have a suggestion?

We suggest our Clear or White Ultra Removable Film. These removable films are affordable and have an outdoor rating of 6 months.

What is your minimum quantity on custom sizes and shapes?

Please contact us with the specifications of your job so that we can give you an accurate estimation of quantity, time and cost.

General Questions

Where are you located?

StickerMan, Inc. has two locations to serve you better. Our northwest location is in Kent, Washington and our southwest location is in N. Palm Springs, California.

How long have you been in business?

StickerMan’s Kent, Washington location was established in 1990 and our Palm Springs location opened in 1996.

What is your return/rejection policy?

We have a 100% guarantee on every job that we produce from our catalog. If you are not 100% satisfied with your labels, we will gladly reprint your order or refund your money-whichever you prefer. If there is a mistake on your part, we will work with you to correct the issue for your customer.

What does the $5 handling fee cover?

We charge $5 to help cover the cost of our packaging materials, as well as the time it takes to finish your job as instructed.

Do you charge for freight?

At StickerMan, we offer FREE ground freight to one location shipped in the continental USA, with the exception of 8 1⁄2” x 11” laser sheet products. We also offer a 2nd Day Air option for half the cost if you need your order expedited. In some cases, a rush charge may apply.

What is the difference between a label and a sticker? What is a decal?

The terms label and sticker may be used interchangeably. In some instances, the word “label” sounds like it would refer to more sophisticated, complicated pressure sensitive products, where “stickers” refer to spot color, simple pressure sensitive products. A “decal” generally refers to bumper stickers and oil change labels/static clings.

Sales Tools

I need a new 2016 catalog, can you send me one?

You can request your 2016 catalog and additional Sales Companions here or download a PDF of our catalog here.

What types of sales tools do you offer?

We offer a full size catalog, a mini-catalog, tri-fold brochure and promotional sheets. Please sign in and place your request for sales tools here and we’ll put them in the mail.

We have more than one sales person, how can we receive more than one catalog and samples?

We will send you up to 3 catalogs at no charge, and $3.00 for each additional catalog.

Registered Dealers

Do you work with end users?

Our commitment is to our Registered Dealers, we do not sell to the end-user. StickerMan, Inc. is strictly a trade only company.

If you are trade only, why do end-users have to contact you to locate a Registered Dealer?

We feel that by directing end-users to a Dealer that can meet their label needs is a win-win for everyone. We maintain our Find a Dealer criteria and will only refer end-users to Dealers who meet all of the criteria; from location proximity, type of labels needed and the minimum sales figure year to year. Please contact us if you would like to speak to someone on the process and if you qualify to be a reference for end-user requests.

I have a meeting with a client about their labels, do you have someone that can sit in or have a conference call to answer specific questions?

We have over 200 years of label experience to offer you and your customers. Please contact us if you are working on a special project and need more input or feel more comfortable having a label specialist with you.

I am a Registered Dealer, why can’t I see any pricing?

To see our pricing, you need to be logged in. If you forgot your Dealer Account Number or password, click here.

How do I know if my Registration Form has been accepted?

You will receive an e-mail from StickerMan if your Registration Form has been accepted. This e-mail will contain your Dealer Account Number and password, as well as additional information. If you have submitted your Registration Form and have not received any information within 2 business days of submitting your form, please call.

What is a Dealer Kit? And how do I request one?

A Dealer Kit is for Registered Dealers only. Included is our Suggested Retail Catalog, Confidential Dealer Information Booklet, samples and easy marketing label sheets.  Please click here to request the materials you need to start selling more labels and stickers today!

I forgot my Dealer Account Number and / or password

Please click here.

Art Requirement Questions

What is a bleed?

Bleeds are considered ink that runs to the edge of the label. When providing artwork, please extend bleed area(s) 1/16” outside the label’s edge. Bleeds are not available on square cornered labels.

What is a screen?

A screen is when the color does not print at 100% of its true color, also known as half- tones. For spot color orders, screens must be no higher than 85 lpi (lines per inch), with no graduation. Electronic artwork is required for labels needing a higher screen count, up to 150 lpi or with screen graduations.

What is an unwind direction?

This chart illustrates how labels come off the roll. Please indicate on your order what number of unwind you need, our default is unwind #3.

What type of art files do you accept?

Please see our Art Requirements form for full details for both Spot Color and 4-Color Process orders.

I do not want a proof, how do I make sure I don’t receive one?

On your order form please check the box that states “Waiving Proof Options” and you will not receive a proof if it is under $1,000. If placing your order online, select “No Proof” when filling out the product details and you will not receive a proof unless your order is over $1,000. If you choose a proof, turnaround times begin after proof approval has been received.

Credit Term Questions

Do you extend credit?

Please fill out a credit application for either our Kent or Palm Springs location and send it to “Attention: Accounts Receivable.” You will be notified if our credit terms of Net 30 has been extended to you. If you choose not to fill out our Credit Application all orders must be prepaid by credit card or payment must be received before your job will be ran.

How do I apply for credit?

Please fill out a StickerMan Credit Application for either our Kent or Palm Springs location and send it to “Attention: Accounts Receivable.”

What is your payment policy?

Our payment policy for those that do not have credit terms established with us, prepayment by credit card or check must be received before your job will be ran.  If you have an approved credit application on file your terms are Net 30.