• July 8th, 2010 - by Prepress

    Artwork Guide-Raster vs. Vector Images

    We will be rolling out a series of helpful Artwork Guide posts to highlight topics that deal with submitting artwork to StickerMan.

    Series #2: Raster vs. Vector Images

    From time to time, you hear the terms “vector” and “raster” when talking about artwork. It may be a hard concept for some to grasp, so here is our condensed definition.

    raster image is like a photograph, and the larger you make it, the rougher it gets. The pixels that make up the image grow larger and appear jagged as they grow. We prefer raster images to be at a resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi), but we will accept a minimum of 300 dpi. The size of the image needs to be sent at 100%.  If we have to enlarge the image provided, the quality will diminish.

    Vector images consist of fills and strokes. They stay clean and at the same resolution no matter what size they are made.  You can compare a vector image to those you see in a coloring book.  You start with outlines and fill inside the lines.  This is the preferred format, especially for spot color labels.

    Next time: Is PDF always the answer?

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